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Honegger - Intrada for Trumpet and Piano

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Thanks for visiting! I'd like to offer, publicly, a paper I wrote in a graduate seminar in 2013. "Intrada" is known well in the trumpet community and is a common recital piece.

The paper I'm posting here offers, perhaps, a more analytical approach to the piece through an understanding of Honegger's philosophy towards composing followed by performance considerations.

I offer thanks to:

Dr. Andrew Shenton at Boston University. This paper was written for his seminar and I encourage any who have a chance to take his courses to do so. He is a very fine professor and I enjoyed his style and approachable demeanor.

Dr. David Baldwin at the University of Minnesota. I studied with Dr. Baldwin while I was working on my baccalaureate degree and I sought is expertise in reviewing the work sometime in 2016. I'm happy he regards the paper as work that "should be available to serious performers."

Dr. Peter Wood, Publications Editor for the International Trumpet Guild Journal. Although my paper was not published, due to an article on the "Intrada" having been published only a few years prior to my submission by Najib Wong and my emphasis on analytical/theoretical subjects, Dr. Wood was complimentary and encouraging towards my writing. I encourage those interested to also read Najib Wong's article published in the January 2012 issue of the ITG Journal.

------ To request a PDF of the article use the CONTACT page ------

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