Wind Ensemble Works

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Dream Casting for Wind Band

Commissioned by the Arrowhead Union High School Concert Band and Wind Symphony.  Stacey Zwilein and Jacob Polancich, directors (2017).  For high school level bands. 

Approx. 7 minutes - Score is 11x17

$29.00 - score only                 $92.00 - score and parts

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Untitled Wind Ensemble Piece in Three Movements

Untitled work for wind ensemble in three movements; fast, slow/elegy-esque, bombastic (ca. 2010).  For advanced ensembles. 

Approx. 15 minutes - Score is 11x17

$56.00 - score only                 $167.00 - score and parts

A New Adventure​!

Written for K. Frost and B. Yahn, band directors.  Piece is intended for middle school bands, grade 1-1.5

This piece was written with a beginning-band audience in mind and features harmonies often heard in film music, most notably the Lydian mode found in the opening and closing of the piece.  The lydian mode is often used in film to evoke a sense of levity and adventure. In the largest orchestration of this piece the melody is traded between different sections of the band and includes a fanfare in the brass close to the end of the piece serving as a call to adventure. Orchestrations of this piece exist for smaller ensembles.  Use the contact form at if your band is of a limited instrumentation for more information.

Approx. 2 minutes - Score is 11x17

$12.95 - score only                 $40.00 - score and parts


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