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Selected Works

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Improvisations for solo instruments (2020)

     Improvisation for Violin, Untitled

     Fast Scherzo, for trumpet

     Night Music: Lullaby, for piano

     Rasp, for piano

     Chant of the Old Cedar, for Bassoon

     Fanfare and Response, for tenor trombone - listen with score

     Character Piece, for tin whistle in D

     Garden Meditation, for vibraphone - listen with score

     Simple Meditations, for vibraphone - listen with score

Improvisation for Flute and Injured Hand (2016)

Gilgamesh Descends (to the Underworld) for Solo Cello and Live Electronics (2013) - listen to an audio excerpt

Piano Preludes for Developing Performer (2011)

     Soft Thunder, Light Rain

     Variations on 8 notes

     Can Can Variations

     My Country 'Tis

     Episode I

     Episode II and IIa

     Episode III

Caprice for Tuba and Piano (2010) - listen with score

Three Miniatures for Solo Clarinet (2010) - listen with score

Dialogue for Solo Trumpet (2008)

Chamber (2-10 performers)

Untitled Set of Variations for Octet (2013) - listen with preview score

     Fl, ob, clar/bass cl, perc, pno, vla, cello, bass

Duet for Two String Basses (2012) - listen with score

Horn Quintet No. 1 (2010)

     F hn, vln, vla, vla, cello

One Movement for Octet (2009) - listen with preview score

     4 F hn, string quartet

Jazz Band

Sweet 16 (2015/16) - PDF preview score - listen

Wind Ensemble

Dream Casting (2016) - preview score

The Days of Wine and Roses, Pops Arrangement (2015) - listen with preview score

A New Adventure, for beginning band - listen with preview score

Simple Gifts, for beginning band

Untitled Wind Ensemble Piece in Three Movements (2010)


Dream Casting (orchestrated 2019) - preview score

Prelude I for Orchestra (2011)



Bonuses, for high voice and chamber orchestra - listen with preview score

Intrada for the Holiday Season for SATB choir


Title Theme for "Eugene Cubed" Animated Series, Commissioned by Josh Spencer Green, Verda Runner Studios (2022) - Listen

Artist Spotlight, 4 minute short film (2020)

60 Second PSA (2020)

Di Pahter Cards of the Underworld, dir. Zenoc Hernandez (2017) - listen to an excerpt

Don't Go In, dir. Zenoc Hernandez (2016) - listen

Demo: "Space Ambush" - watch with soundtrack audio only - watch with soundtrack and sound effects


Across the Stars from Star Wars Episode II, for trombone choir (6 tenor, 2 bass, 1 contra, harp or synth harp, 2021)

Batman Theme for Trombone Choir, Tuba, and Aux Instruments (6 tenor, 2 bass, contrabass, tuba, 8 aux perc/keyboard/synth, 2020) - listen

The Mandalorian Theme for Trombone Choir (2 bass trombones, 2020) - listen

The Days of Wine and Roses, Pops Arrangement for Wind Ensemble (2015) - listen with preview score


PHS Alma Mater - listen with preview score

Oh Holy Night for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Oh Holy Night for Organ


Album: "Originals" featuring The Brass Barn Polka Band (2022). This album features 10 tracks (roughly 30 minutes of music); 5 original polkas and 5 original waltzes written by Adam Berndt. Listen to the album here, available for purchase on itunes and other digital providers.  


     The Simple Polka

     Finnegan's Shenanigans

     The Simple Waltz

     Into The StrALTOsphere

     Little Turns Polka

     Great Lakes Waltz

     A Minor Detour Waltz

     Spritely Bellows Waltz

     Petrushka Polka

     Somnolent Waltz

Album: "Holidays with The Band" (2017) featuring The Brass Barn Polka Band, arr. by Adam Berndt - listen to the album here

available for purchase on itunes and other digital providers.


     Jolly Old St. Nicholas

     I Saw Three Ships

     Jingle Bells

     Up on the House Top

     God Rest Ye

     O Tannenbaum

     Deck The Halls

     Silent Night

Instrumentation: alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet 1/2, trombone, tuba, accordion, electric piano, drum set.

Selected Lectures and Interviews

Lecture for High School Students, Introduction to Film Scoring (2018)

Lecture for Elementary Jazz Students, Introduction to Jazz History (2018)

Interview for Composers’ Corner, Through a Different Lens by guest contributor Jacob Polancich (March 2018)

Guest Lecture, Why do composers sound the way they do:  John Williams.  Interlochen Arts Academy, Michigan (Summer 2010)

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