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Adam Berndt




The Cricket: A Lighthearted Story of Misadventure for 6 bassoons, Contrabassoon, Narrator, and Percussionist is now available!  Use the Contact page to place an inquiry.

Score $48.00

Score and Parts $99.00


"Adam’s music strikes one as a well-balanced exploration of the world he inhabits.  To listen to his music is to hear a fine mind and a gifted performer at work."

Libby Larsen, Composer

"It has been a pleasure working with Adam on Dream Casting. This work challenged our students and provided unique learning opportunities throughout the process. Adam is without question an outstanding composer who cares deeply about how music inspires students, musicians, and audiences. We are fortunate to have worked with him and look forward to future collaborations!"

Jacob Polancich, Band Director

"Above being simply an outstanding performer, Adam is a consummate professional with exceptional client communication skills.  His ability to translate the ideas in your head to cohesive, thematically competent pieces of music help bring dreams to life through masterfully timed and thoughtfully composed sequences."

Josh Spencer Green, Verda Runner Studios

"Adam Berndt is a rising star in the world of composition. After performing his brief, unaccompanied work for solo bassoon, I commissioned Adam to compose a brand new work for bassoon ensemble for our studio at Stephen F. Austin State University to premier at the 2024 Texas Music Educators Association Conference. Adam wrote a piece for six bassoons, contrabassoon, percussion, and narrator and paired it with his own text about a cricket who needed to find its way home. Not only did Adam capture the affect of each section (marches, bellowing toads, and beautiful stoicism of a stag in the moonlight), he also knew how to write for a bassoon ensemble. Each part was in a well suited range, independent yet critical to the piece. Equally important, working with Adam was incredibly easy. He was quick with replies and amenable to changes or suggestions. This will be a great addition to bassoon ensemble repertoire and should be programmed at any opportunity - a fun challenge for the entire ensemble and perfect for any audience. If you are looking for the next great musical adventure, contact Adam - without reservation, I cannot recommend his artistry enough."

Dr. Cody Hunter, Bassoonist

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