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"Adam’s music strikes one as a well- balanced exploration of the world he inhabits.  To listen to his music is to hear a fine mind and a gifted performer at work."

-Libby Larsen, Composer-

"It has been a pleasure working with Adam on Dreamcasting. This work challenged our students and provided unique learning opportunities throughout the process. Adam is without question an outstanding composer who cares deeply about how music inspires students, musicians, and audiences. We are fortunate to have worked with him and look forward to future collaborations!"

-Jacob Polancich, Band Director-

"Working with Adam has been an extremely helpful experience, with scores that really bring out the emotion and feelings from the stories I have told in short films. I felt lucky to have had the chance to work with a professional and talented musician/composer such as Adam and look forward to future collaborations."

-Zenoc Hernandez, Filmmaker-

Adam Berndt